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Online updates mean that users can see and download your extension and updated versions using MPEI (or using the Extensions plugin within MediaPortal). Your extension will display in the Known Extensions list, and updates will appear in the Installed Extensions list

Online Updates Support

To support online updates::

  1. Add a link to your download file (.mpe1) in the Online Location field in your project file (.xmp2)
  2. Add a link to your update.xml file in the Update.url field in your project file
  3. Generate your update.xml file (or whatever name you chose in step one) - use Tools > Generate update xml > Generate XML
  4. Publish your update.xml - Tools > Generate update xml > Publish

Download file - Online location

You may choose any location you wish to store your download file (.mpe1) such as:

Note:  If you use the MP Repository for download files, it uses a link, not an actual file location. This means that anytime a user installs any version of your extension, it will install the file you added to the main file field in your listing in the Repository.


The update xml is a file which contains your extension and update information. This is the file which is downloaded by the installer to check for new versions. You can use any filename, however update.xml is the default.

To be usable the update.xml must contain a direct link to the .mpe1 install file which can be located on any server. You must specify the location of this file in the Online location field in your Project file. Then it will be added correctly when you generate the update.xml.

Generating your Update.xml

Your update.xml can be generated automatically with Tools> Generate update xml > Generate XML once you specify the XML file name and location in the Update url field such as:

Previous Versions Info

Whenever you regenerate your update.xml (using the same name/location in update.url) for the same project file, MPEMaker will add the current version information to your existing update.xml.  Thus users will be able to view and install previous versions of your extension when using MPEI. 

If you do not wish to include previous versions, then use a new filename for your update.xml for each version.

Publishing your Update.xml

You must publish or re-publish your update.xml url if:

  1. Your extension is new to MPEI
  2. You change the name or location of your update.xml file

Note: In these cases there will be a short delay until your extension/update appears in MPEI.

However, if your extension already exists in MPEI, and you simply update the contents of an existing update.xml in the same location, then it will display in MPE immediately.



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