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Skins often require changes in order to remain compatible with the current version of MediaPortal.

MediaPortal includes a skin version check to let you know if the skin is not compatible.

The version number (in references.xml)  is checked against the version constant in MediaPortal code. 

Warning Message

If the skin is not compatible with the installed version of MediaPortal, MediaPortal will temporarily switch to the Default/wide skin (16:9 or 4:3 depending on your screen resolution) and display a message like this:

If you don't press the Ignore and try button within 15 seconds or if you press ESC on the keyboard or Back on your remote, MediaPortal will continue normally using the Default/wide skin. Pressing the Ignore and try button will switch back to your selected skin.

Version Number and Format

The version number is contained in the references.xml file in each skin folder. It displays at the top of the file in the <skin> section:


In MediaPortal 1.1.x and previous versions, the version number was checked against the references.xml of the Default skins.

As of  v1.2.0 beta, the version number is checked against the version constant in MediaPortal code. 

Note: Default skins always have the correct current version number (as they are always updated), so please consult the latest Default skin references.xml for the correct number and format.

Skin Compatibility

Skins should only update the version number once they have verified that the skin meets all the required changes for the latest version of MediaPortal.

These changes are documented on the Skin Related Changes pages for each version of MediaPortal.



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