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How to use the sort options to sort your films, groups or views.

Sort Settings

As of v 6.0.0 you can sort your films by any field.  Plus, sort options are preset for you when you create a new config using the Setup Wizard.

You can select the sort you wish for each custom views as well as the default sort for movie lists (which includes the Films view) and groups in Start Settings, either on the Views tab in Setup, or within MyFilms. 

Note: Custom Views based on a Title field (e.g. Films View, Original Title, etc.) use the Movie List sort setting.

Warning: The Title sort for Movie and Group lists is preset to the Sort Title you select on the General Tab in Setup (default=Formatted Title).

Change Sort

While you are using My Films, you may choose to change the sort settings using the Sort by: option on the main menu.

  1. Press the right arrow and use the up/down arrows on the Sort by: button to change ascending/descending sort order.
  2. Press the left arrow to return to the Sort By: button
  3. Press the Sort by: button to display a list of sort options

Note: Views, and the Views menu, are sorted differently than film or group lists.

Film and Group Lists

To sort a list of films or films within a group:

  1. Once you select the Sort By button, choose a field to sort by:
  2. Select the *** Show All *** option to display all database fields, You may sort by any of these fields.


  • Sort by: Name sorts by the field you select for Sort Title on the General Tab in My Films Setup.
  • Numbers in text fields, such as Size, Length, VideoBitrate etc. sort numerically, e.g. 1,2,3 not 1,10,100. 

Views Menu

To change the order of items in the Views Menu, use the context menu (F9 or Info/More remote button) to move items in the list:


In Views, the Sort by menu option toggles between Name (default) and Count:

  • Name - sorts by the values in the field selected for the View, e.g. the Categories view is sorted by categories, the Year view is sorted by year, etc.
  • Count - sorts by the number of occurrences (default=descending order), so you can see your frequently used items first, e.g. in Actors view the Count sort will display the actors who appear the most often in your films first.

You may change the sort order using the up/down arrow buttons on the Sort by: button the same as in any sort.

Note: Once you select an item in the View, such as Drama in the Category view, the Movie list sort applies.




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