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Download and add subtitles for your film(s) using the SubCentral plugin, all from within My Films.


If you have installed the SubCentral plugin for MediaPortal, you can download and add subtitles for your films from within My Films.  No setup is required other than installing the SubCentral plugin.

Download and add Subtitles

  1. Go to the Details window (press enter on a film in the list)
  2. Select the context menu via Options on the main menu, F9 on your keyboard, or Info/More button on your remote.
  3. Select Subtitles from the menu

You will automatically switch to the SubCentral plugin which will search for subtitles for the currently selected film for you.

For further details about using the SubCentral plugin, see SubCentral on Google Code, or the SubCentral forum.




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