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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Feature

Provide for the ability of skin developers to colorize TV Guide program entries according to the program genre.

Skinners of skins other than Default(Wide) are required to make changes to skins to be compatible with this implementation.

Note: Skins must also update the settings_tv.xml to allow users to select button and genre colors in TV Guide. See Checkbutton Implementation for further information.

Description of Change

The TV Guide provides for end users and skinners to enable and manage the coloring of program entries according to program genre.
Features include:

  • Ability to define genre colors by the end user (and/or skinner).  Different genre colors may be defined for programs that are "on now" and "on later" (2 genre colors per genre).
  • Ability to use settings stored color values to colorize TV Guide channel and program buttons.
  • Ability to use a highlight border for noting the selected program (since coloring the selected program is now in conflict with the genre colored programs); this capability is also exposed to be used without genre colors.
  • Ability to color all programs that have ended with a single color (e.g. Gray).
  • Ability to specify all MPAA rated programs as "Movie" (and then to color "Movie" as desired).
    See also:  TV Guide
    This implementation is not backward compatible.  Skinners must update their mytvguide.xml to change the button control (id=100, the group button) from a button to a button3part.  Use Default(Wide) as a guide to make the changes.  The image file "small_vbutton_lr_colorize.png" is included in Default(Wide).  The image is not rendered but is required for button3part to work properly. The following skin xml demonstrates the required changes.
          <description>TvGroup button</description>

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3460
  • Related xml(s):  mytvguide.xml
  • Window ID: 600
  • Related GUI property/control:  TV Group button, control id 100



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