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How to view TV Series in MediaPortal

MP-TVSeries Extension

The Movie plugins are not really designed to manage TV Series with levels of seasons and episodes. The MP-TVSeries extension does exactly that. It is by far the most popular and widely used extension of MediaPortal! In fact, many users love it so much they even prefer to rename their recorded TV programs and access them using the MP-TVSeries plugin.

MP-TVSeries can scan your hard drive for video files, analyze them by their path structures and then, if determined to be a TV Episode, go online and retrieve information about them from . You can then browse, manage and play your episodes from inside MP in a nice graphical layout.

Due to the hierarchical nature of TV Series, media file names must be precise to ensure the appropriate data is retrieved for each of your files. Essentially, each file needs to be named in the following format:

  • Series_Name SXXEXX.ext

Where Series_Name is the name of the TV Series, XX represents a two digit number for the Season and Episode, and .ext is the file extension. Although the plugin does allow you to define parsing expressions to correctly identify the Series, Season and Episodes, many users choose to use renaming tools to ensure 100% accuracy:

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