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Search and add trailers to your AMC database and play them in My Films. Or search and play trailers from IMDb, YouTube, Apple trailers or (as of v 6.1.0) via the Online Videos plugin.

Trailers Setup

See Setup Guides > Trailer Setup for details and options depending on how you download and store your trailers.

Downloading Trailers via My Films

If you have installed the OnlineVideos plugin (and enabled the trailer sites!) you can download trailers for your films directly from My Films:

  1. As of v 6.1.0, select Updates from the context menu
  2. Select Load Single Trailer (TMDb)
  3. Select the trailer you wish to download from the list of trailers on TMDb for the selected movie 
  4. If you have enabled the 'always ask for playback quality of online content' option in Global Settings, select the quality you prefer.
  5. Your trailer download will start and a message will display until it is finished (based on the skin you use)

You can select more download options from the Details window or the selected film:

  1. Press F9 or Info/more remote button for the context menu
  2. Select the Trailers option, the Trailers menu will display (see screenshot below)
    If you have trailers already for the movie, the options to play/remove trailer will display
  3. As of v 6.1.0 you can Load  single trailer (TMDb)
  4. Or,select one of the OnlineVideos options to download trailers from the site of  your choice:
    YouTube, Apple iTunes, IMDb or (as of v 6.1.0)
  5. As of v 6.1.0, you can also select OnlineVideos... to choose another site

If you select one of the OnlineVideos sites, My Films will automatically 'jump' to OnlineVideos and search for trailers for your films on the site you selected (Youtube, iTunes, IMDb or (as of v 6.1.0)). 

In OnlineVideos:

  1. Select the trailer you wish to download
  2. Press F9 or Info/More button for the context menu
  3. Select either the normal download option to download the trailer to the folder you select in OnlineVideos setup OR select the option: MyFilms:  Download to movie directory to store the trailer in your movie folder.
  4. As of v 6.1.0, select the playback quality/resolution
  5. Press Esc/Back to return to My Films.
  6. Add the trailer to your movie catalog/database as described below under Adding Trailers to your database..

Download trailers for multiple movies

As of v 6.1.0 you can "globally" download trailers from TMDb for a group of movies, or all movies

Since this process may require considerable time, it is done in the background, using a trailer download queue that persists even when you exit and restart MediaPortal.Thus, download of trailers continues even if My Films or MP are stopped. This is done by saving the current queue (


) to the same folder where


config file is stored (e.g.

\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal

) and reloading it on restart. 

Select any View or film list/movie context

  • main film list if you want to download trailers for all your movies
  • any view - e.g. Category -> Action to load trailers for all your action movies
  • search and find specific movies 
  1. Open the context menu and select "Updates"
  2. Choose "Load all trailers for these films (TMBb)" to download trailers for all the movies in your current view

Trailers will be downloaded to either:

  • the extended trailer search path you defined in My Films Setup > Trailers tab, with subdirectory of  MyFilms\ + film name 
  • the movie folder if you have NOT defined a trailer path
  1. 'Register' the trailers in your database - Global Updates > Search and add local trailers (all films)

When completed, you have trailers available for all movies with trailers on TMDb .

Adding Trailers to your database

Before you can play trailers in My Films, you must add the trailer source files to your database. See Trailer Setup if you wish to change the settings, or enable extended search if you store your trailers in a folder other than the movie folder.

You can add trailers either globally (or in a batch) for all your films, or for a single movie.

Note: As of v 6.1.0 you can also select the Autoregister Trailer option in Trailers setup ( Warning: if you download a lot of trailers, this option will cause regular updates to your database and may reduce performance).

Add Trailers for all films

You only need to do this once for a new database, or if you download many trailers and wish to add them globally.  Otherwise you may search and add trailers for single movie (see below). 

  1. Open the main menu and select Global Updates
  2. Select 'Search and add local trailers (all films)'

This may take a minute or two depending on the number of trailers you are adding, the number of movies you have and if your trailers and movies are stored on a network.

Add trailer(s) for a single film

If you download a new trailer, you may add it to your database without running a batch/global update.

In My Films, go to the Detail window > Trailers option either from the Main or context/actions menu.

  • Select* Search Trailer (local)* - search your movie folders and any Extended Trailer Search path(s) you have configured in Trailer Setup, and add the trailer file path(s) and names to the field you selected there.
  • Remove trailer from catalog (selected film) - this will not delete your trailer, it only removes the file path and name from the Trailer field in your database.
  • As of v 6.1.0 you can also Load single trailer (TMDb) - this is the same as the option on Main context menu > Updates
    • Select the trailer you wish to download from the list of trailers on TMDb for the selected movie 
    • If you have enabled the '*always ask for playback quality of online conten*t' option in Global Settings, select the quality you prefer.
    • Your trailer download will start and a message will display until it is finished (based on the skin you use)

How do I tell if I have trailers already?

Once you have added trailers to your database as above, you can tell at a glance if you already have a trailer(s) for a film by viewing the Trailer Icon on the screen:

The icon will be:

  • green - if one or more trailers are present and available for playback
  • red     - if no trailer exists
  • yellow - if a trailer exists but is not currently accessible (i.e. on a network drive that is not presently accessible)
  • grey    - if unknown (i.e. you have not enabled trailers for your catalog or not yet searched and added films to your database)

If trailers are present, the context menu (F9 or Info/More key) will display a Play Trailers option with the number, or list of trailers available.

Note: the icons and location may vary depending on the skin you use.

Playing Trailers

Note:  the Play Trailer option (and count) will only display if:

  • you have enabled local trailers in Trailer Setup, by adding a DB Item for storing Trailer info
  • you have already searched and added at least one trailer to your database:for the selected film:
    • use the Search Trailer (local) option in the Details window Context menu to add new trailers for the selected film
    • use Global Updates  > Search and add local trailers (all films) from the Main window context menu.

Of course, if you have installed  the Online Videos plugin, you can always play online trailers, and choose to download and add them to My FIlms or not.

If you have local trailers, there are several ways to play them:

  1. Main window > Context Menu (F9 or Info/More key) will display a Play Trailers option with the number of trailers present, but only if you have at least one trailer! If you have more than one, a list of the trailers will display for you to play all, or select one.
  2. Detail window > Menu > Trailers - will list all trailers for the film if present. If you don't have local trailers, My Films will ask if you wish to 'Try Online trailers", either YouTube, Apple, IMDb (as of v 6.1.0) Trailers via the Online Videos plugin (if you have Online Videos plugin installed and enabled)
  3. Detail window > Context Menu (F9 or Info/More key) will display the Trailer Menu displayed above with all options for Trailers.

As of v 6.1.0, you can also Play streams, like YouTube links or trailers (in Full HD quality playback!) directly in My Films without jumping to the Online Videos plugin (although it is required for playback).

  1. Enable *Cache  trailers for Online Conten*t, either in Setup > Trailers tab, or via Options > Global Settings within My Films.
  2. Select an item in an online content list or ***Online Info *** view, 

The selected online trailers are added to a download queue and loaded in the background and then you can play them.

See Views > Now Playing, Upcoming, Top Rated, Popular movies for more details.

Search for Online Videos

Prerequisites: OnlineVideos plugin

Why limit yourself to searching just your local movie catalog? As of v 6.1.0, My Films offers a new context menu option to Search Online Videos ....

You can choose any web site supported by the OnlineVideos plugin to search and display related trailers and videos, even if internet databases like IMDb, TMDb do not have any. Thus you can find online trailers or other videos, that relate to your movie (or person) - even, if that content is not registered e.g. on TMDb.

Trailer 'Scrobbling'

As of v 6.1.0 you can scrobble and play random trailers.

Note: You must have local trailers available and registered to your catalog.database.

  1. Select any View in My Films main window, e.g. the film list or any other View, like Category -> Action, or search and display films you wish.
  2. Open the context menu (F9 or info/more button on remote) and select Play random trailers.

This will randomly play trailers from the film list you selected. For example, you could play any local trailers you have for action movies.

Continue automatically!

After a trailer plays, a 'dialog' will display asking you to stop or continue. The dialog times out if you do not reply, and will continue to play another random trailer from the group.

Thus you don't need to do anything but watch all your nice trailers of a group and inspire you or your guest(s) to select a nice movie to watch, whenever it comes up.

Playback Options:

  • OSD displays movie details - when a trailer starts, a popup window shows you the title and year of the movie
  • In full screen playback of trailers, you can press stop on your remote,(which ends trailer scrobbling) or play/enter - to display a  dialog asking, if you want to play that movie.
  • In full screen, you can also press next (skip) button to skip the current playing trailer, and My Films  will play the next random trailer.

Combine this feature with the new automatic trailer download feature, to download and preview trailers for any group of films you wish - like Recently Added movies!

View only Films with Trailers

To view only Films with Trailers, select the Global Filters option from the main window menu:[


Then select  Show only Films with trailer (grey lightbulb) - will change to (lightbulb) of course when filter is active

Whenever the Trailers filter is active a Trailer Icon will display at the top of your screen: 

 Of course, the filter icon may vary in different skins.

Why is it a Global filter not a Trailers view?

Using a filter means that you can also search within films that have trailers, or use any My Films views. It offers much more flexibility and features than a Trailer view would.

However, as of v 6.0.0 you may easily view your films by any field, including the field you use to store your Trailer source (.e.g Source Trailer) - see Views for details.




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