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My Films integrates with the Trakt plugin and website to keep an active record of what films you are watching or have watched. Based on your favorites, your friends, and the community, Trakt also recommends similar films for you.


First you must setup the Trakt for MediaPortal plugin (v 2.2.0 or later) and enable it for the configs you wish in MyFilms Setup. See Trakt Setup  for details.

Watched Status Synchronization

Once you have enabled Trakt for your My Films configuration(s), it will synchronize to your user profile on the Trakt website whenever you:

  1. Watch a film by playing it, this:
    • sets the film to 'Seen' on Trakt,
    • adds it to your Watched History 
    • increments Trakt plays
    • Note: Trakt limits the number of items you can sync in a given time period, so you cannot simply skip through a bunch a films - only the first one(s) will be synced as 'watched'
  2. Manually change the watch status - i.e. Set watched or Set unwatched
    • Note: this only changes 'Seen' status on Trakt. It does not alter your Watch history or Trakt play counts
  3. Add or remove films from your database
    • Note: this removes the film from your library/collection on Trakt only if you enable the setting in Trakt Plugin config 'Keep library/collection clean on Trakt'. However, even then it does not alter your Watch history or Trakt play counts

Note: When you change 'Seen' status on the Trakt website, this will also change your watch status in My Films when it syncs to Trakt.

Trakt Rating Dialog

As of v 6.0.0 My Films supports the Trakt popup rating dialog (including the advanced 10 heart rating) and syncs the rating to the new extended User rating field. The Trakt rating popup displays whenever you fully play a film.

The rating you select will display as a User Rating for the current user. It does not overwrite the main rating for the film. See Ratings and Favorites for further details.

Multiple Users

You may have different configs on different PCs and sync each to a separate Trakt user profile. My Films also supports multi-user watch status and ratings if several people use the same database or config (either on the same PC or in a networked environment using centralized data). You can even switch between local or Trakt users on either a single PC or in a centralized network config.  See Trakt Setup  for details.

If you have selected a Trakt user '(Trakt)' will display after the user name:

In the Default skin, the current user name displays after the current catalog name (AMC4 in above image).

Any user ratings displayed apply to this user as well.

Accessing Trakt from My Films

You may also access the Trakt plugin directly from My Films:

  1. Select a film and press enter to go to the Details screen
  2. Press F9 or Info/More button on your remote to access the context menu
  3. Select Trakt for the Trakt menu:

Most options will take you directly to the related page in the Trakt plugin. Once you 'jump' to the Trakt plugin you may press Esc/Back to return to My Films Details window. 

  • The 'Add movie to watchlist', 'Add to List' (as of v 6.0.0) and 'Rate Movie' options can be done directly from the My Films Details window.
  • 'Shouts' 'will jump directly to the 'Shouts' for the currently selected film.
  • 'Suggestions' will jump to the Recommend Movies list in Trakt.
  • Show Related Movies (as of v 6.0.0) -  displays a choice of movies that are "similar" to the currently selected film and indicates those you have in your database, or will play a trailer (via OnlineVideos plugin) if you don't have the film already.

Trakt Categories

As of v 6.0.0, My Films will sync "Watchlist, User-defined (Custom) Lists and Recommendations to the Trakt Categories extended field.

Note: You must enable 'Create MyFilms Categories' in Trakt v 2.2 or later, either in Plugin Configuration or Trakt Settings in GUI. 

Then you can display a view within My Films based on the Trakt Categories field showing all the movies in your database/catalog that are on your Trakt Watchlists, User Lists or Recommendations.

Thus Trakt can be used to maintain personal movie lists based on the existing movie catalog. You can "tag" your movies using Trakt lists. 

Trakt plugin

For information on using the Trakt plugin in MediaPortal, see the Trakt Wiki, or for support, the Trakt Forum thread.

Note: When you make changes on the Trakt website, these will be synced to your AMC database based on the 'Sync with Trakt every [X] hours' setting in Trakt plugin Configuration.  So they will not appear in My Films until the sync is completed.

Of course, MediaPortal must be loaded with the Trakt plugin enabled before any synchronization with My Films (or any other plugin) can occur.

Accessing My Films from Trakt

If you find a film under Trakt Recommendations or Trending, that is part of your My Films database, you may press enter to jump to My Films and display the Details window for that film, or you may press play to return to My Films Details window and automatically play the film.

If the film is not part of your My Films database (and you have the Trailers and Online Videos plugin installed and configured properly), pressing Enter/Play will search for the corresponding IMDB online trailer.






  1. says:
    Firstly, nice wiki.

    Just one comment for "Accessing My Films from Trakt" section, when you press Enter/Play it now using the Trailers Plugin and not OnlineVideos (however it does use OV behind the scenes).
    Posted Jun, 21 2014 23:25

  2. says:
    Thx ltfearme! Updated the Trakt menu screenshot (as of 6.1.0 MF uses the built in Trakt menu) and the wording for playing trailers via Trakt. Is it OK?
    Posted Jun, 22 2014 01:05