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How to create a video playlist

Add a Video to a Playlist

To add a video to a playlist, use the context menu (Press right click, F9 or  the Info/More key on your remote):

Delect the option:  Add to playlist.  MediaPortal will add the current video to the playlist and automatically advance to the next video in the list, so you can easily add another video to the playlist.

Viewing your Playlist

Once you have added all the videos you wish, you may select the Menu option Current Playlist

to go to the Playlist Layout:

Here you may change the order, remove items or save the playlist.  

Menu Options

Use the Video Playlists menu to manage your playlists:

You may view playlists you have previously saved, by using the Playlists menu option and selecting the name of the playlist you saved:

Playlists are stored in the playlist folder you select in Configuration > Videos.

 Tip: Use a different playlist folder for music vs. video playlists so you can view them separately!



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