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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Bug Fix

Vsiiblechange animations did not work correcly.  The purpose of a visiblechange animation was to save skinners from needing to enter both a visible and a hidden animation when they wish the hidden animation to be the exact reverse of the visible animation.  However, visiblechange animations only processed the visible animation, not the hidden animation.

This was most likely due to issues with Hidden Animations processing on window open.

Description of Change

Now visiblechange animations process both the visible and the hidden animaiton as intended.  However, many skins have used visiblechange animations instead of visible animations. If they do not wish the hidden animation to process, then the animation type should be changed to visible.  Thus this change is required.

One case where the problem is prevalent is in skins using the Aeon Menu Generator, which uses visiblechange animations in place of visible animations. Many Basic Home xmls will require changes, as well as menu generators if they enter visiblechange animations.

Note: The default setting is reversible=true, the same as visible animations.  This means if the animation is interrupted before it is completed, it will reverse the animation.

This fix is related to and dependent on:  Hidden animations Execute on Windowopen

Additional Information and References

XML/Code Samples

<animation effect="fade" time="250">visiblechange</animation>

In Blue3/wide visiblechange animations are used mainly with fade type animations in xmls as well as in TVOSD.xml VIdeoOSD.xml and Fullscreen.xmls. In these cases, no changes should be required.

Note: Some skins have used visiblechange animations in BasicHome.xml. Changing visiblechange animations to visible animations will enable the animations to work as they did previously. Example:

<animation effect="slide" start="-229,0" end="-458,0" time="400" reversible="false">visible</animation>


No screenshot can show the effect of animations.



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