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  • Required:  No (feature is backwards compatible
  • Type of Change:  Feature

New feature to show the volume overlay in all screens of MP, especially helpful when MP is muted.

Description of Change.

New skin XML VolumeOverlay.xml is needed.
In general just copy the code for the volume overlays from your TV/Video overlay into the new file VolumeOverlay.xml.and change the control IDs. All 3 controls (501, 502 and 503) are now required.

Additional Information and References

Issue #:


Related xml(s):

VolumeOverlay.xml (new skin xml)

Windows IDs:


Related control:

volumebar and image controls

Related Subsystem: 

skin engine



Date added:

Fri, 24 Oct 2014

XML/Code Samples 

This code Example from the skin 'DefaultWide':


As this new feature is backward compatible, no changes have to be done to the original volume controls in TV/Video overlays.


From DefaultWide skin - Basic Home:



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