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MediaPortal 2

MediaPortal 2 is the next generation media center software. Rewritten from scratch and not based on the MediaPortal 1 source code it is making use of advanced technologies to bring you the best possible HTPC experience:

  • Watch, schedule and record live TV
  • Organize and play videos, movies or series
  • Play DVD or BluRay discs
  • Listen to music or radio
  • Stream online video sources as Netflix, Amazon Prime or media libraries
  • Get weather information and the latest news on your big screen
  • Organize and Watch your images
  • Play your favorite games
  • and much more...

MediaPortal 2 also offers features such as

  • Playing to media concurrent in Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, being able to toggle between both players and e.g. listening to your music, while TV is playing in the front
  • User management with age restrictions to media access and TV-channels
  • Intelligent home screen showing favorite, latest played, latest added, unplayed media and the opportunity to directly continue playing media.
  • Info is automatically downloaded from various sources to provide posters, fanart, album art, and various additional metadata, such as cast, staff, and more
  • Change skins and themes including a WMC look alike skin and customize everything to your needs
  • Mouse and touch display support besides remote and keyboard

About this Wiki

This wiki contains some basic information about MediaPortal 2.

It still lacks a lot of details, but is constantly improved. If you are interested in contributing to the documentation (or in any other way), please take a look at the contribution guide.

Besides the Wiki additional information can also be found in

Feel free to open a new thread in the forum if you can' find the information you are looking for after using the search functionality in Wiki, forum and Issue Tracker.



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