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This section will contain all important informationen about MP2 core features for users.

  • 3D Video support3D Video support
  • Databases
    This page gives information about the databases used within MediaPortal 2.
  • Folder File Locations
    All your media files, such as music, pictures, videos etc. can be stored in your Windows Documents folder, or anywhere you wish. 
    You can specify the locations of your media files, see Quick Setup
  • Importing MediaItemsImporting MediaItems
  • Keyboard shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts
  • Statistics RendererStatistics Renderer
  • SystemStateMenu
    This describes the SystemStateMenu plugin, which is provides various actions to shutdown, suspend or restart the pc or close MediaPortal 2.
    source code:
    github pull request:\-2/pull/14
  • TV support
    MP2 has support for many TV features including:
    Live TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Managing scheduling and recordings
    The plugin for this is called "SlimTV" but there are different TV Engines (TVE) that provide the features:
    Using only MP1 components (NativeTV, TVE 3) Using only MP2 components (NativeTV, TVE 3.5) Using both MP1 and MP2 components (MPExtended)



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