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MediaPortal 2 contains an integrated logo management that will automatically download logos for all TV and Radio channels from a central MediaPortal 2 channel logo repository without any interaction by the user. Logo processing then happens inside the MP2 LogoManager, a process that is completely transparent to the user.

Logo Management

Logos will be retrieved from the central repository for your individual country/region as defined in the Windows settings of the MP2 Server. If the MP2 Server is running on a Windows PC that is set to United States, the LogoManager will attempt to downlaod all logos from the sub-group US.


Whenever MediaPortal 2 encounters a missing logo (e.g. in the TV Guide), it will be searched and, if available, immediately downloaded from the central repository.

Logo Information will be automatically refreshed every 14 days to keep the system up to date (as of MediaPortal 2.1.2).


The GUI offers no possibility to trigger a new logo download.

Logos are stored at C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Logos.

You can enforce a refresh by performing the follwoing steps:

  1. Delete some or all *.png files in the subdirectorie(s)
  2. Restart the MP2 Server service
  3. Restart the Client(s)

Update Logos

If you are missing logos or believe that a downloaded channel logo is in error, you may upload own information to the central logo database.

The MediaPortal 2 channel repository is located at The repository organizes logos per region and contains information about channel name, its aliases and a clear logo without background and effects. Updating existing or adding new information is a self-managed process where every user can register himself at this site to suggest new or update logo entries. Admins will regularly review all suggestions before final approval.

No message will be generated if your suggestion is rejected. If after uploading a change request nothing seems to happen, you can post in the MP2 TV Logo Management thread, where such topics can be discussed.


The same logo needs to be uploaded only once. If the same channel has a different name in another country or from another provider, don't upload yet another copy of the same logo but add a new alias instead.

Logo Design

At the release time of MP2.1 (end of 2016) the default style is the Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max theme which looks like:

Adjusting Logo Style

The default background can be changed by editing the configuration file

Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max.logotheme 

located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Plugins\SlimTv.Resources\Designs\Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max

This file contains a list of "effects" that can be applied to every single online logo. For example if you remove all effects there, plain, transparent logos without any backgrounds will be created. Or you can exchange background, blur and drop shadow values at your taste.

After making changes to the theme file, you need to delete the existing pre-processed logo images (*.png) in the C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Logos\Tv-Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max folder and then restart the both the MP2-Server and MP2-Client application. This will force the creation of new logos in the design that you have defined in Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max.logotheme.

Configuration Options

Multiple steps are executed to create the final logo:

  1. Load background.png layer
  2. Load the channel logo, resize it, apply effects
  3. Load overlay.png layer

The background and overlay can be replaced by any png file, also by completely transparent ones. The images must have the same size.

Step 2 is controlled by the logotheme.xml file:

Effect namePropertyDescription
<a:AbstractEffect i:type="a:EffectAutoCrop">noneCrops empty space around the logo
<a:AbstractEffect i:type="a:EffectResize">
Resizes the source logo to fit into final image


The preferred size of channel logo.

It should be less than the size of background and overlay layer to retain some space to image border. Larger images will be downscaled, smaller ones upscaled




The minimum size of a logo that will not be scaled, but instead used as is.

This is useful to avoid quality loss of logos when scaling down only a few pixels




The maximum size of a logo that will not be scaled, but instead used as is.

This is useful to avoid quality loss of logos when scaling down only a few pixels

<a:AbstractEffect i:type="a:EffectShadow">
Draws a blurred shadow in defined color under the channel logo


The color value, a ARGB value in decimal notation.

The default "3355443200" (hex C8000000) represents a semi-transparent black (Alpha: C8, R: 00, G: 00, B: 00)

RadiusBlur radius for shadow, higher numbers make the shadow wider and smoother


The displacements of shadow in x and y direction
<a:AbstractEffect i:type="a:EffectOuterGlow">
Applies a "glow" effect around the channel logo

RadiusBlur radius for glow, higher numbers make the glow wider and smoother

TransparencyAlpha value (0 to 1 range)

WidthWidth of glow effect

Important notes:

  • All effects are optional. You can even remove all of them.
  • Keep different skin colours in mind: e.g. black logo parts on top of a dark skin background will not be visible.
    In the example screenshot below the neo in zdf_neo logo is almost invisible.


  • Replaced background.png and overlay.png by empty, transparent png files of same size.
  • Commented out all effects except EffectAutoCrop and EffectResize

More background information:

Click the right arrows  in the list of Topics below to see related tutorials, references, etc for each topic



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