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Table of Contents


This sections describes code guidelines like coding style and other dos and don'ts.

Code Guidelines

Here you can find some links to guideline documents. Some of them are quite are written for MediaPortal 1. They are marked with (MP 1). Most of the points in those MP 1 documents still fit for MP2, but might be changed.

Some of those documents have been adapted or rewritten for MediaPortal 2. Those documents are marked with (up-to-date). The new documents reflect the current guidelines and should be observed.

  • IRC commands (Team members only) - Building a runnable version of MP2 via the IRC build command 


TopicsAvoiding Binaries
Storing binaries in git repositories has several disadvantages, i.e. the more those files are updated the more the repository bloats. This section describes various ways to reference dependencies and externals, without storing the binaries in git repository.



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