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One of the most important contributions you can make to MediaPortal development is to help us test new development releases and report bugs accurately.

It may seem like a lot of work at first, but properly filing a complete bug report ultimately saves everyone a lot of time. Otherwise we have to get back to you and request further information, or worse, reject your bug report and you will have to resubmit it!

MediaPortal uses log4net[ for logging|log4net logging].

Where to report a bug

  1. Stable Release - If you think that you have found a bug in a stable release of MediaPortal 1.x.x, please start a bug report in the Bug Reports Forum.
  2. Development/Test Release - If you are reporting a bug in an Pre Release, then please use the related Bug Reports sub forum inside the Development section.

The Bug Report

The bug report is the most important document in the test process.  The more complete and accurate it is, the more likely we determine the root cause and fix it properly.

Before you start a new thread:

  1. Make sure that your system (Windows, codecs and drivers) is up to date and matching the requirements.
  2. Make sure that the problem you experience is not caused by an Extension (Skin and/or Plugin) you installed.
    To do that, simply start MediaPortal using the "MediaPortal Debug" shortcut. This will launch MediaPortal using the WatchDog or Debug Mode with the default Titan skin and only the plugins which are included in the release version of MediaPortal you have installed.
    If you do not experience the problem in the "Debug Mode", then it is likely caused by an Extension you use.
    Please contact the developer of the extension for further support.
  3. Have a look at our wiki and read the:
    • MediaPortal 1 Manual
    • TV-Server manual (if used)
    • Knowledge Base about known 3rd party issues Maybe the solution is already there. 
  4. Have a look at our Mantis Bug Tracker, maybe your problem is already known and reported there.
  5. Search the forums for your problem, it's very likely that someone else already encountered the same problem. If they have, but have not entered a proper bug report, you can include a link to such posts when you submit your bug report.

How to start a bug report thread:

  1. Choose a meaningful title for your thread.
  2. Report only one problem per thread.
  3. At the moment you start a new thread in the support forums, the hardware specification template will be added automatically.
    If the template is empty, then you have not filled out your specifications in the yet. See usercpSystem Specs if you need help entering these.
    Note: Your report *MUST include a complete hardware specification!*
  4. Add a detailed, step by step description of your problem.
  5. To create clean and conclusive logs you only have to: (See Log Files for details)
    1. use the "MediaPortal Debug" shortcut from your Windows Start Menu (Team MediaPortal/MediaPortal) to start MediaPortal using the WatchDog Debug tool.
    2. Inside the new window which will then open, select the first option "Report a bug to Team MediaPortal", which will start MediaPortal in a special debug mode, using the default skin and distributed plugins only.
    3. Reproduce the issue and close MediaPortal afterwards.
      Note:  Debug mode automatically disables all extensions and uses the Titan skin to ensure your issue is not produced by an extension.
    4. A MediaPortalLogs_<Date>_<Time>.zip file will be automatically created.
    5. Please attach it to your thread/post. Without logs it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to help you!
  6. Do NOT copy/paste your log files (or large parts of them) in your post.

Please note that support and bug report threads, which are missing the required information posted above will not be processed and may also be deleted.

Titan Skin Issues/Bugs

  • Titan Skin feedback forum
  • Default Skin feedback forum

Before you start to do any testing make sure that all drivers on your system and Windows are up to date!



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