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The WatchDog (Watch Dog) Test Tool was designed to make testing and error reporting as easy as possible for you.

  • The WatchDog Test Tool is included in your MediaPortal installation (WatchDog.exe).
  • You can use the Debug Mode Shortcut  to export all necessary log files and system information with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Alternatively you can still manually attach all log files to support and bug report threads, or upload them to our pastebin and attach the links to your report.


  • Clears all log files before the test.
  • Starts MediaPortal in "debug-mode" (enables debug logging for this test run).
  • Exports Windows event logs, DXdiag info, list of installed Microsoft hotfixes and all MediaPortal log files.
  • Exports all TV-Server log files (if installed on the same PC; single seat setup).
  • Saves all log files as one zip file to a configurable destination

(default is ..\Desktop\MediaPortalLogs_[date]__[time].zip ).

  • Can be configured to automatically start when MediaPortal crashes.
  • Captures all created DirectShow graphs and creates JPEG's of them (this requires the Vista SDK on Windows Vista).

MediaPortal - Debug Mode Shortcut

When you want to reproduce an issue and create clean log files for your report, you start MediaPortal with the MediaPortal Debug Mode shortcut in the Team MediaPortal folder in your Windows start menu.

The MediaPortal Debug Mode shortcut will start the WatchDog Test Tool, which will open a dialog with the available options.



  • Report a Bug to Team MediaPortal
    • If you choose this option, all installed plugins that are not part of the core MediaPortal install will be disabled, the log level set to debug and MediaPortal started. When MediaPortal closes the tool will collect all log files and export them into a zip file.
  • Report a Bug to a Plugin Developer or Skin Designer
    • This option will do the same as "Report a Bug to Team MediaPortal" but without disabling the plugins.
  • Export all currently present logs
    • This will collect all currently available log files and export them to a zip archive without starting MediaPortal.

After a Crash

When MediaPortal crashes, it will instantly trigger the WatchDog Test Tool.

All your log files will be exported to the configured location. (Default export location is your desktop.)

What to do with the exported logfiles

  1. To attach your zip file click on the Manage Attachments button under Additional Options
  2. Head to your exported zip file and select it
  3. Now click Upload
  4. After that, your file has been uploaded to the server

Additional Information

Command-line parameters

The following command-line parameters can be used:

  • auto: Perform all actions automatically and start MediaPortal in between.
  • save: Only load built-in plugins and lead default skin. Used with auto.
  • watchdog: Used internally by MediaPortal to monitor MP.
  • zipfile <path+filename>: Specifies the location of the exported zip file.
  • restartMP: Automatically collects all logs, saves them into zip, restarts MP and closes.

DirectShow Graph capturing

The WatchDog Test Tool is able to capture all created DirectShow graphs, and create a JPEG image of it.

  • This works out of the box on Windows XP.
  • On Windows Vista it does not work out of the box, the reason is that Microsoft has (re)moved some resources. To get the graph capturing working, you will have to install the Vista SDK (1185.7 MB). (We are not allowed to distribute the required Vista SDK files with MediaPortal).

This means that if you encounter some video or audio issues when playing media in MediaPortal, you no longer have to download GraphEdit or DSGraphEdit to connect to the graph and find out which filters are used.

You only have to start MediaPortal with the MediaPortal Debug shortcut from your start menu and play the media file which causes troubles. After that the TestTool automatically creates a zip file which contains all logs and the JPEGs of the created graphs. This zip file can then be attached to your support thread in the forums, so other team and community members can have a look and help you with your problem.

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