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Users are required to submit system specs with any support request or bug report.

Enter Your Systems Specs

The easiest way to provide your system specs is to enter them in the User Account Menu > System Specs. Then your system specs will be automatically entered in any support request or bug report.

You will get better and more replies to your forum posts if you have entered your system specs, as often the answers may depend on the skin, version of MediaPortal, hardware or even driver versions you are using.

How to Enter or Change Your System Specifications

  1. Log in to the MediaPortal User Forums.
  2. Click on your user name at the top to open the drop down menu and then click System Specs.

  3. Enter a name and click Add a new System. Also make sure that Show System Specs is enabled.

  4. Click Edit for the new system.

  5. Fill out you system details and scroll down to select Save System at the bottom.


From now on your system specifications can be easily viewed in the forums.




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