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Table of Contents
Albert has deprecated this page or content because it is no longer relevant, but has been reatined for historical reference.

The purpose of this section is to make information available for developers of the MediaPortal project and MediaPortal extensions.

Related Topics

  • MediaPortal Bugtracker - View issues and bugs for MediaPortal and the base plugins. Please note that only the Test Team (Reporters) when confirmed by others and developers may enter new bug reports.
  • FeatureRequests - A list of current feature requests and how to submit new ones.


MediaPortal 2 is in the early stages of development, so changes to the architecture are possible.

  • Goals and Overview

Roadmap and Development Progress

The current status of development can be view in the Project Management System (PMS).

Important Note: Do not change the password of the public account!

Coding Guides

  • Coding Standards - Guidelines on the development process, and code layout.
  • Avoiding Statics
  • Testing Standards - Guidelines for testing and examples.
  • Patch Policy - How patches should look and be submitted.

Compiling and Debugging

  • Compiling MediaPortal 2 - Instructions on how to compile the MediaPortal II source code.
  • Debugging MediaPortal 2 - Instructions on how to run a debug build of MediaPortal II.
  • Plugin Developers Guide - To be added
  • Skin Developers Guide - To be added

Subversion (SVN)

Subversion (SVN) is a tool which allows development teams to safely coordinate and track source code changes. It helps large project development by merging code changes from various developers. Without SVN it is easily possible to overwrite other people's changes and one would be unable to restore previous versions of code if necessary.

Mailing Lists

SVN Update mailing list - Sends out email on every SVN update.



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