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MediaPortal 2 is completely open source. The source code is maintained on Github, a repository with complete history and full version-tracking ability, to where changes are added for evaluation and testing before they will first be merged into the dev and finally into the master branch. You can easily download the repository to your local computer by using a Git client.

Access to GitHub

The MediaPortal GitHub repository offers public read-only access at

You can download the sources to your local computer or you can 'fork' the repository at GitHub to create a your own personal repository where you can experiment with changes without affecting the original project. Please refer to Forking MP2 or GitHub Help for further explanations how to do this.

After having downloaded the sources you'll find a single parent directory MediaPortal, which contains the complete MediaPortal 2 package, consisting of source code, the build batch files and additional elements such as the language files.

Download the sources

Downloading the source is best done by using a Git shell software, such as TortoiseGit. Once installed it will add Git-related entries to the file context menu of Windows Explorer, which allow easy access to GitHub and displays helpful status information of files in your local copy of the MediaPortal 2 repository.

Clone the MediaPortal 2 Repository

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where you would like to create a copy of the MediaPortal 2 repository on GitHub. Right-click and select Git Clone from the context menu.

  2. Enter the URL of the MediaPortal 2 repository where you will clone from:
    Directory is automatically filled with the path where you would like to clone to.

  3. Wait until the download process completes, then click Close

Suggested Tools

The internet offers a great number of free Git tools that essentially all do the same. While the choice of software is certainly subject to individual preferences, good experience has been made with the following tools:


TortoiseGit provides an easy-to-use and efficient graphical interface for Git work on your PC, integrated into the file context menu of Windows..


  • Git for Windows for actions not directly supported by TortoiseGit or more detailed control
  • Git Extensions (because of its excellent Visual Studio integration)

Use the sources

The local repository now allows you to compile the sources and create your own executable version of MediaPortal 2.





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