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For controlling MediaPortal 2 generally all devices, that are recognized by Windows as HID input device, are supported.

This page gives an overview and introduction how to use and configure them.


Media Portal 2 supports all HID devices as keyboard, mouse and remote controls out of the box. Make sure your devices have installed the latest device driver in Windows and they are also detected as HID device in your windows device manager.

They can be configured using the Input Device Manager.

Microsoft MCE Receiver

  • Starting MediaPortal 2 is being done by


    , which is located in

  • The repeat delay can be configured by modifying the windows systems keyboard settings.
    see also Change keyboard settings
  • In case you have or had IRSS installed and within MP2 are having issues with navigation buttons, check this thread:

Mapping overview

Scope: Global, Active: Always

Scope: Player, Active: Playing Media Item

Scope: TV, Active: FullScreen-TV

Scope: TV, Active: MultiChannel-EPG

Scope: TV, Active: SingleChannel-EPG

Scope: TV, Active: Main-EPG

Scope: TV, Active: Mini-EPG




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