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Can I install MP2 on the same computer that already has MP1 running on it?


Yes.  MP2 and MP1 are completely independent software packages that share neither files nor data on your computer. However, they cannot run both at the same time.

The installation/uninstallation process of either package will leave the other completely untouched. It is therefore very easy to have a look at MP2 without taking any risk for a MP1 installation.

How To


(minus)  Note that the MP2 Server Service and the MP1 TVServer Service must not be active at the same time.

In order to install MP2 parallel to MP1, you should proceed in the following manner:

  • Stop and deactivate the MP1 TVServer service in Windows services
  • Install MP2

If you like MP2, you can uninstall MP1. If you would like to return to MP1, then

  • Stop and deactivate the MP2 Server Service in Windows services
  • Activate the MP1 TVServer service

Your MP1 setup is now operational again.

(warning)  The MP1 uninstaller has been reported to completely remove the Team MediaPortal folder, regardless of being empty or not. This would destroy an existing MediaPortal 2 installation. Therefore be careful when uninstalling MP1.



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