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This section describes the management of media sources by setting up server-based or local (i.e. client-based) shares, their removal as well as the setup of automatic or manually triggered media imports.  

Media sources configuration

This overview screen displays global (i.e. server-based) and local client-only media shares. Server-based shares are known to every client that is attached to the server while client media sources will only be available on the particular client PC. 

Add media source

Please refer to: Setting up Media Sources

Network Environment

(warning) All shares to be used by MP2 must be accessible through the Explorer network environment of your local Windows system

Remove media sources

Share(s) that you would like to remove from the MP2 Server can be selected here. Tick one or more shares, then select Finish. All information that relates to the selected shares will be deleted from the database. Files on the shares will not be affected.

Set up default sources

Windows defines user-specific local standard folders for music, videos and pictures by default. Set up default sources will add these folders as local shares to the database. Note that this information will only be available on the particular client PC. 

Media sources overview

This screen displays all shares that are currently defined server-wide and/or locally.

Reimport all media sources triggers a new import for all shares
Reimport triggers a new import for the respective share only

Network credentials

Enter the logon information to access data on your shares. MediaPortal 2 assumes that all remote paths can be accessed with the same "global" credentials. 


Being able to access a share in Windows Explorer doesn't necessarily mean that the MP2 Server also can. The former operates with the rights of the logged on user while the MP2 server runs under the Windows System account with different privileges. Therefore explicit logon credentials are required for MediaPortal 2 to access remote shares.

Automatic share refresh

Activating this option will perform an automatic daily reimport of all shares at the indicated time (2 AM in the example above). 

If the MP2 Server PC is suspended at this time, it will wake up without further user interaction to execute this action.



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