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Here you can configure the player settings.


Close players when finished

Enable this setting to make MediaPortal close finished players automatically

Prefer instant skip seconds

Enable if you prefer to use aosolute seconds instead relative percentages to skip insantly. Devault value is "No".

Instant skip percent

Select how many percent of video duration you want to skip instantly

Instant Skip seconds

Select how many seconds you want to skip instantly

Timeout in seconds for skp steps

Adjust the timeout for user imputs before the skip step is done. Default value is 1,50.

Player skip steps

Enter skip steps in seconds separated by ","

Open player strategy

Strategy how newly opened players wll be positioned among already open players (Default / Preserve PiP video)

Watch play percentage

Select what percentage of media item needs to be played before it is marked as matched.

Open player config in OSD

Enable this option to display the player configuration after pressing "Info" a second time. Default value is "No".



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