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Main Window

The first MediaPortal 2 start will open the application in windowed mode. If not, you can see what happened by looking into the log which is located at C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Client\Logs.

You can switch from windowed mode to fullscreen mode by pressing Alt + Enter. The application will save the mode and restore it when it is started the next time.

First steps

After you have started the MP2 client and server, you'll typically first choose your favorite skin and setup shares.

Change Skin

Changing the skin will only change the GUI but all skins provide a similar set of features.

The MediaPortal 2 Alpha release comes with 3 Skins: Simple Default skin, Rising skin and the Reflexion skin.

To switch between them follow these steps:

Setup shares to access your media files

Before you can start to enjoy your favourite videos, pictures and audio files you need to setup so called "shares". These can be local folders or network paths which contain your media files. The system will later show all media files from all shares from all clients attached to the same MP2 server.

For a very quick setup follow these steps to setup your user account's image, pictures and music folders:

1) Make sure "MediaPortal 2 Server" is running

2) Run the "MediaPortal 2 Client" and follow these steps:



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