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Configure system-relevant elements 


Provides options to switch log verbosity, view and save log files and other diagnostic elements for bug tracking purposes

Enable DEBUG logging

Toggles the log level for both client and connected server between INFO and DEBUG. This is useful when creating bug reports for upload to the forum. See also Bug Reports and Log Files

Enable logging of potential focus stealing

Sometimes the client app may lose focus. Activating this option will create additional log entries for diagnostic purposes

Collect log files

This will launch the LogCollector. A zip file with all your client logs will be created on your client's desktop for upload to the forum.

Show logs

Select this option if you would like to view the log files on your client computer. 


Allows the automatic start of MediaPortal 2 together with Windows. 

Configure Windows energy savings

MediaPortal 2 doesn't require additional plugins to control the client's powerstates. Instead it uses the Windows energy management functions to blank the screen and send the computer into standby/hibernate.  

Set up Windows energy settings to define the screen deactivation and system suspend times. 

The client system can be in three states. Depending on the configured settings and the Windows energy timeout definitions, the client will enter the following energy states

StateBlank screenStandby
Busy / Video contentNoNo
Busy / Audio onlyYesNo

This is providing screen saving as well as automatic power off functionalities. Further customization is possible by prohibiting suspension and screen deactivation to suspend Windows' power settings while the MediaPortal 2 client app is running: 

Shutdown menu

The shutdown menu is fully configurable. Choose the options that you would like to be displayed when entering the client's shutdown menu and adjust the display order to your preference. 

The maximal timeout of the sleep timer to suspend or power down the client after a configurable time (max 300 min = 5 hours). 



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