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This page described the configuration options of TV in MediPortal 2. The initial TV-setup is discribed in setup guides.


Here you can configure the TV.


Whether to show recording start / end notifications

Configure the number of seconds to display recording notifications

EPG genre colors

You can activate TV genre colors in TV settings and assign predefined colors to TV genres.

Genre Colors OFFGenre Colors On

To map the TV genres with existing genres from your EPG provider, use the TV-Setup.

Select a TV genre (E.g. Documentary in screen shot) and map all fitting EPG genres from the bottom list b using the "<<" key.

Automatically start TV

If enabled, the last selected channel will be started when entering TV home.

Zap from TV Guide

If enabled, "OK" on currently running programs tunes the channel.

Hide "All Channels" group

If enabled, the inbuilt "All Channels" group will be hidden.

Show series infos

If enabled, the program guide will show series and episode information if available

Number of rows in EPG

Defines the number of rows (channels) shown in EPG. Default value is 8.

Number of hours in EPG

Defines the number f hours (programs) shown in EPG. Default value is x.

Show genre colors in EPG

Whether to show genre colors when browsing in EPG

Visible channel information in EPG

Configure whether to display channel name, logo and number in the EPG

Zap by channel index

Configures if the channel zapping use index or logical program number

Zap timeout

Configures the delay until tuning starts

Channel logo style

Select the channel logo style. Server and Clinet need to be restarted after changes

Automatic channel logo update

Configure whether to update channel logos automatically



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