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Download the TVMosaic server.

It is freeware and can be configured by web browser. Because it is not bonded to windows it may run on many platforms. Please be aware, that the TVMosaic server is not developed by us, is not part of the MP2 installer and we can not provide support accordingly.

Make sure you installed the TVMosaic plugin of the MP2-Client (It can be selected in the MP2 installer as packages).

TVMosaic Server

After the server is installed it's time to configure it. Please check here for more details and answers to most questions.

TV settings of MP2-Client

General settings

settings → TV

  • Server address: <name> or IP for the device on which TVMosaic-service runs (default: "localhost", so nothing to enter, if on same device as MP2-Client). By default the port is already set to "9270"
  • UserName: Can be set, if required
  • Password: Can be set, if required

Recording settings

You need to add a new media source with the category "TVMosaic" so recordings made with TVMosaic are shown and imported automatically

settings → media sources → media sources configuration → add media source

Select "TvMosaic" and continue.

TVMosaic Client API documentation

This is not of interest for users, but developers. The documentation of the API's describes the communication channels between client and server to add/modify features.

Please check here for more details.



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