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aMPdroid - MediaPortal at your fingertips

aMPdroid is MediaPortal for your Android phone or tablet. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal HTPC, browse, download or stream your media collection and access all of MediaPortals TV capabilites.

Some of the highlights of aMPdroid:

  • Stunning Remote Control section
  • Browse your media in different views (poster, banner, thumbs, text)
  • Stream your media to your Android phone (like AirVideo on iOS) with different quality profiles.
  • Download your media to your SD card
  • Select videos or music on your mobile and start them on your htpc
  • Watch live tv and recordings
  • Browse Tv Guide and schedule recordings
  • Available in over 15 different languages (more coming soon)

Important: This app requires MediaPortal and background services installed to function properly. See for more details.

!!!Since version 1.0 MpExtended is needed as backend service!!!

- MpExtended 0.5 as backend
- Recent items on the home screen
- Redesigned media player
- New streaming profiles (Direct, HLS, ...)
- Music streaming
- New actionbar with contextual actions
- Use netbios name instead of ip addresses
- Better support for devices with android ICS and JellyBean

- Switch to MpExtended
- New Design
- ICS and Honeycomb ready
- Better streaming
- Better support of external video playback
- New WifiRemote features (Map dialogs, playlists, ...)
- Send power options (reboot, sleep)
- Start/Stop MediaPortal from within aMPdroid
- New listview loading with fading images (still WIP)
- Improved layouts for phones andtablets
- New actionbar and slidingdrawer (removed bottombar)
- Auto-detection of clients
- New Crash-Reporting (crittercism)

- Fixed external player
- Fixed reconnecting

- Added Google Analytics
- Fixed out-of-memory error
- Fixed MEDIA_DIED_ERROR when tuning tv channels
- Fixed more crashes reported by BugSense
- Update translations (added cs/it/is/ru)
Reviews (5)
Mostly good, but doesn't work with ArgusTV plugin
My main complaint about aMPdroid is that this doesn't work with the ArgusTV plugin. MediaPortal's big weak spot continues to be its lack of a decent intelligent scheduling feature (ala TiVO) and ArgusTV bridges that gap somewhat. But ArgusTV makes it impossible for aMPdroid to see your tv listings, live tv and recorded tv. People have complained about this to ArgusTV's devs, but they seem to have no interest in addressing it. People have also complained about it to the aMPdroid devs and they say it's not their problem and to take it up with ArgusTV's developers. Well, nothing is getting done on either front. I propose a 3rd solution. MediaPortal devs should release a decent scheduling plugin that works within the MP framework so we don't have to use ArgusTV and then there'd be no problem with aMPdroid not being able to see tv listings.

Other than that, I really like aMPdroid.
Best option ...
To be honest, I found iPIMP to better option, but when that fell into the decay of non-maintained software, then this by far the best option.

Given IPR restrictions, my home channels limit their "Play services" (their in-house streaming option), so the options are VPN or access to my own server where the TV-> stream is done in the relevant country.

Is it just me or is there a general problem with the EPG if you are in a different timezone than the TV server? My EPG shos the EPG as per my timezone, and when I click a program that is for sure not running at this point in time then this fails. If this not my misconception, this is for sure something that needs fixing.

I would want a list of the available channels with the option to just start streaming what was on. No detrour via EPG.
A bit apprehensive about trying this out being an intermediate level user, but after a few days of perseverance it is working great, of course using it within your own WiFi area is a bit superfluous, the real joy is when you start streaming in the big wide world and set recordings on the fly........just brilliant, and adding a rewarding new dimension to an already stunning product.....keep up the good work.....Chch/NZ
Fulfills a need started with the VCR - Great!
Looked on this and decided to give it a try. Some problem to understand the setup, but in the end it works and I am a little bit smarter! (Start to realize that this is part of the charm with all of MP…)

Now everything is up and running and I really like what I get. To be able to schedule a recording regardless where I am is superb. I have been looking for this since the first VCR. And that is only one of the great functions…

Great! and Thanks!

Hans, Sweden
Work In Progress but very promising
5 of 5 people found this review helpful
OK, not finished yet but it installed fairly easily - the additional components makes it a bit more complicated. But it all went well. Needed to download [MoBo] Player to play the video stream on the Android too.

The remote control section is perfect but limited - needs to be extended with more screens for the extra commands (WiFi Remote plugin already does them I believe).

Some parts not yet implemented [NYI] but it is rock solid.

I have tried browser based iPiMP but didn't get on with it so well, for me this was easier to get going and understand. This IS noticeably faster.

Hope that work continues on this it is the most complete solution for an Android smart phone, and by implication a tablet.

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