CVS is dead! Long live Subversion!

Written by jansonhedges on .

Today the team moved to Subversion (SVN) for source code version control. This means from now on there are no updates to CVS anymore. One big advantage for everyone is that there is no difference between anonymous and developer access anymore, the sources are always up to date and accessible for everyone!

So everybody is encouraged to download a SVN client (we recommend TortoiseSVN) to get the sources and help in future development of MediaPortal. Of course, you still need Visual Studio 2005 or Visual C# 2005 Express to compile the sources.

Use this URL as SVN repository:

We're looking forward to your plugins and patches! Keep it going! ;-)

Thanks to High you can find the daily snapshots as you've been used to it at "Daily SVN builds".

Info at SourceForge about SVN  

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