DVB-S2 support in TvServer

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Today we've added support for DVB-S2 to the tvserver

Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation (DVB-S2) is an improved and updated specification to replace the DVB-S standard,  Today the main use for this new standard is the distribution of HDTV while the original standard was mainly applied to SDTV services.

For receiving DVB-S2 channels you'll need a DVB-S2 tv card like the TechnoTrend 3200. A normal DVB-S card is unable to receive DVB-S2 channels since DVB-S2 channels use another kind of modulation.

For tuning DVB-S2 channels you'll need to have a seperate .ini file in the tuningparameters folder. A default one for Astra 19.2 is already supplied









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