Watch/Record multiple channels with a single dvb tv card?

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Update: this feature is now placed in svn

 The most requested feature for the tvserver is to be able to watch/record multiple tv channels at the same time with just 1 tv card

Impossible?... no, the upcoming tvserver does it! 

So what does this mean ?

You can watch/record multiple tv/radio channels at the same time with just 1 (DVB/ATSC) tv card. Offcourse those channels should be located on the same transponder and are free-to-air (not encrypted)

Another great benefit from this is that we finally get perfect back-2-back recordings!

What about Encrypted channels ?
If the channels are encrypted and you have a FireDTV/FloppyDTV device then you are lucky since multi channel descrambling is supported for the FireDTV/FloppyDTV devices.
However there is a limit on the number of simultanous channels you can descramble at the same time This limit depends soley on the CAM you use. Some CAMs can only descramble 1 channel at the time while others can descramble 2-16 channels at the same time.




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