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  • Category:  Settings
  • Type of Change:  Feature


Here you have control of your favorite skin, set interface language, theme and background images, in short, choose how your MediaPortal will look.

  • Skin - select/change skin - displays a list of the skins installed
  • Theme - Skin themes provide for the ability of skin developers to create variants of existing skins.  A skin theme is a collections of skin xmls, image files, etc. that vary from the "base" skin acording to the intent of the theme.  Skin themes can be useful for providing, for example, seasonal variations of a skin (e.g., a Christmas theme).
  • Language - select the language you wish to use for MediaPortal GUI from the list
  • Prefix My - add or remove "My" prefix for internal plugins Videos, Pictures and Music on MediaPortal start screen
  • Fanart on basic Home screen - enable or disable fanart background on MediaPortal start screen for your latest added videos. To achieve this you need Fanart Handler plugin installed
  • Latest Media Info - enable or disable visibility on your latest added media (Music, Videos). To achieve this you need  LatestMediaHandler plugin installed (Fanart Handler plugin addition)
  • Standard Background - (need explanation)

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