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  • Category:  MediaPortal settings
  • Type of Change:  Rework

Description of Change

Allows user to configure most of MP settings directly in GUI without need to exit program and change settings in Windows MediaPortal configuration.

Some changes in settings requires restart of MediaPortal to take effect (user will be asked to do this on settings screen leave, no need to exit MediaPortal manually, it will restart automatically on positive answer).

Main menu page



  • Configure general parameters like logs and process priority,
  • startup and resume events,
  • volume,
  • dynamic refresh rate and auto-play behavior...


  • Configure your skin and themes,
  • GUI general settings like home screen, windowed skin dimension, sound effects,
  • Screen calibration and scroll speed,
  • Screensaver behavior and parameters,
  • Thumbnails creation and their parameters and quality,
  • On screen parameters,
  • File menu activation...

Videos (MyVideos) settings

  • Configure playlist,
  • Share video folders,
  • video extensions,
  • Various video database and movie scan options,
  • Audio-Video codecs and subtitles...

TV settings

  • Configure EPG genre color display for your TV Guide
  • Auto turn on TV, Deinterlacing, Aspect Ratio and Codes for TV Playback remain the same as MP 1.2.x

Music (My Music) settings

  • Configure "Now playing" behavior,
  • Playlist,
  • Music share folders,
  • Audio extensions,
  • Various music database options...

Pictures (My pictures) settings

  • Configure slideshow behavior,
  • Shared pictures folders,
  • Image extensions,
  • Picture database....

DVD settings

  • Configure DVD subtitles and closed captions,
  • Audio and Video codecs for DVD play...

Blu-ray settings

  • Configure Blu-ray region,
  • Audio and video codecs for Blu-ray play,
  • Parental age limit....

MiniDisplay settings

This option displays only when you have the MiniDisplay plugin enabled in Configuration and select a display that supports advanced options.

There were no changes to MiniDisplay Settings for 1.3.0 - only the skin XML file names have changed.

See Settings in MP > MiniDisplay Settings for further info.

Settings Pin lock

  • To prevent accidental or unauthorized changes of settings you can protect MediaPortal settings access with PIN
  • On every first enter of settings you will be ask to enter PIN, after, all settings can be changed without PIN question but if you leave settings and enter any other screen which do not belong to collection of setting screens and go back to settings, you will be asked for PIN again

Additional Information and References

Mantis Issue:


Related Wiki page(s):

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Date added:

Mon, 12 Nov 2012




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