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Using the MediaPortal Configuration Tool to setup or change the main options for MediaPortal


You may browse the configuration pages in this section to see all the settings available in MediaPortal Configuration.

The configuration pages are also linked to the related sections of Using MediaPortal, so you may access them quickly whenever you are reading about a particular feature.

If this is the first time you have configured MediaPortal, see Setup Guides

Configuration vs Settings

There are two main methods to customize MediaPortal:

  1. MediaPortal Configuration Tool - a standalone Windows application for configuring MediaPortal and as well as  plugins and skins and TV Client options
  2. Settings option in MediaPortal - this allows you to configure or change basic settings while you are using MediaPortal

As of v1.3.0, many more Settings allows you to configure or change many more settings within MediaPortal.

Note: There is a separate Windows application, TV-Server Configuration Tool, for users who install the TV-Server to watch TV in MediaPortal. For a step by step guide, see Setup Guides > TV Setup.  Only some Client settings can be configured using Settings within MediaPortal. 


The MediaPortal Configuration Tool is divided into a number of sections or 'pages', each related to a different feature of MediaPortal.

Not all of these sections will necessarily apply to every user or need to be configured immediately. 

All settings can be changed at any time after installation so it is not necessary to configure each section initially.


Please note the Help button in the top right of every configuration screen. This button will automatically open the related Wiki page for you.

Standard vs Expert Mode

Please note:  The Wiki pages with an asterisk (*) after the page title, are only available in Expert Mode

The first time you start MediaPortal Configuration, a box will appear asking you to select "Standard Mode" or "Expert Mode".

Please note that this can be changed within the control bar at any stage within MediaPortal Configuration Tool, so your choice here is not that critical.

If you are new to MediaPortal, select Standard Mode until your system is running stable and the basics have been set properly.

If you wish to customize MediaPortal, you should choose Expert Mode.

Standard Mode

Expert Mode

Standard Mode offers minimal settings. Many of the options do not have a + sign to expand for further configuration setings.

Expert Mode displays every setting available. Notice the + sign beside almost all options to expand them for further configuration options.

Navigation controls

The top of the setup window has several navigation controls:

  • User Config files: This opens the folder where various configuration files are stored.
    • Open Thumbs directory: Opens the folder with all thumbnail images.
    • Open Log directory Opens the folder with MediaPortal logs.
    • Open Database directory: Opens the folder where MediaPortal databases are stored.
    • Open Skins directory: Opens the skins folder.
  • Switch to expert/standard mode: Toggles the interface mode of the configuration program. In Expert Mode, you will be able to perform a more detailed configuration.
  • Help: Opens an online help page for the current screen. These help pages are actually the wiki pages you are reading now.

At the bottom of the window, there are more navigation controls:

  • Donate to MediaPortal: - opens the MediaPortal donation page. To be able to support the newest hardware, MediaPortal needs your financial support!
  • OK / Cancel: Apply or discard all changes, and close the configuration program.



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