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How to configure TV for use with MediaPortal.


TV in MediaPortal provides a whole-house media solution, which includes sharing TV Tuner(s) resources to multiple systems (clients) on a home network. Thus, the software is split into two parts,:

  1. Server software - TV-Server (often called the “server-side”), which connects to the TV tuners, grabs EPG (TV Guide) data 
  2. Client software - MediaPortal (often called the “client-side”), which allows you to interact with MediaPortal on your PC, play your media (Live and recorded TV or Radio, Movies, Music, Online Videos, Photos, etc) and store TV and Radio channel logos.


Make sure your system meets the Recommended Hardware and TV-Server Requirements. Of course you need a TV Card that supports recording installed in the computer where you install TV-Server.

To check which special features are supported for your TV Card, see TV Card Features 


Depending on your system configuration, and how you installed MediaPortal, you will setup:

  • Server and Client software on the same system (Single-seat configuration)
  • Server software only if you do not use your server as a client to use MediaPortal (Multi-Seat)
  • Client software only on each client PC in a Multi-Seat setup

No matter which configuration you choose, you can use the following tutorials to setup TV:

  • Server Setup - you must setup the server before any client (even the same PC) can connect to it 
  • Client Setup - to configure each client (even the same PC) to connect to your TV-Server
  • TV Guide Setup (EPG) - to get TV Guide data
  • Channel Logos - to display TV and Radio channel logos in your TV Guide and many TV/Radio windows
  • Power Saving - so your TV-Server can 'wake' whenever you wish it to record or grab EPG data

Once you have completed the above tutorials, you should have a working setup for TV. Then you can proceed to customize even more, by using different Plugins and advanced features.


In addition to the tutorials, a Help Button appears at the top right of every Configuration Screen for both Server and Client Setup. It will automatically open a Wiki page in your browser to assist you in configuring the related settings.

What's Next

Ready to get started?  Proceed to Server Setup .


TopicsTV Guide Setup - EPG
How to get EPG (Electronic Program Guide) data for your TV Guide in MediaPortal 
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How to find and add Channel logos to display in MediaPortal 



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