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Table of Contents


How to setup a client on your network with access to the TV-Server to watch, pause and record TV.


After completing this tutorial you will be ready to use TV on a client PC on your network or a 'single-seat' PC used as both the Server and the Client.

Basic Setup

This guide assumes you have already completed and tested your basic setup using the Quick Setup guide, as well as the Server Setup.

You should already have a understanding of the Basics of the MediaPortal interface and the Configuration Tool.

TV Client Setup

You can setup how each client interacts with the TV-Server:

  1. Select MediaPortal Configuration from the desktop shortcut
  2. Open the TV Menu
  3. Select TV Client

TV Client

This is the section that allows you to tell the client-side software where on the network your TV Server is located. This may be on the same PC, or on another PC on the network.

  • In the TV-Server - Host Name field, enter either the IP address, or the network name of your TV Server.
  • Put a tick in the Group Options - Hide "All Channels" Group option.
  • If you are running a Client/Server setup, then put a tick in the Wake-On-LAN - Wake up TV Server as needed option (if you are running a single seat installation then you can leave this blank).

This should be enough to start with.  For more info on all the Client settings, see TV Settings in Configuration > TV:

What's Next

If you have more than one client on your network, you will need to complete this setup for each of your clients, however it is best to get the first client and server working before installing on additional clients.

When you are ready, Startup MediaPortal to check your TV and Radio Settings: watch, pause, record and even schedule TV or Radio recordings, change channels etc.

Once you are comfortable all is working correctly you can proceed to  TV Guide Setup (EPG) to populate your TV Guide with Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data and really start to enjoy the benefits of using TV in MediaPortal.




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