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MP Plugins

Table of Contents

Many plugins are provided with MediaPortal.  These are listed in the sub pages.
To customize these plugins, see:


Using the built in plugins provided with MediaPortal

Plugins: a world of imagination

The plugins listed in this section of the Wiki are installed with MediaPortal and supported by the Team

Types of Plugins

There are several different types of plugins supported in MediaPortal.  See: Reference > Plugins

Using Plugins in MediaPortal

Many skins offer advanced Basic Home screens which provides access to many or all of your installed plugins. Usually these skins include a Basic Home menu editor or generator which allows you to choose which plugins you wish to display on your Basic Home screen. See the specific skin documentation in our Extensions > Skins section, or consult the Skins Forum for support.

If you use the standard Home screen in MediaPortal, you can access a Plugins Screen

The Plugins screen is like a companion to the Home Window. It functions in exactly the same way, and looks just like the Home window. It allows you to have a separate window to list all your plugins, especially those you may not use as often.

You can choose the features or plugins that display on the Plugins screen or the Home screen, see Configuration > Plugins.


The most common use of the term plugin is for Extensions which are developed and supported by our vast community of plugin developers.

See Extensions > Plugins for details on finding, installing and configuring 3rd party plugins, as well as compatibility.

Search, browse and download Extensions using our MediaPortal Downloads Repository for Plugins. You can even search for all extensions which support your current installed version of MediaPortal.

Or, use the standard Extensions installer called MPEInstaller (MPEI). See Extensions > Installer (MPEI) to browse, install, uninstall, update and sometimes even configure extensions.



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