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MediaInfo is used to process video files in order to extract key information. This information includes video codec, audio codec and video duration.

Description of Change

Previously you had to open the context menu to retrieve this information for a video file. It is still possible to Update Media info by opening the context menu as shown in the screenshot below.

However, with this addition, which must be enabled in Configuration, MediaPortal can process all video files and obtain the information without direct user intervention. Since this increases CPU usage, the feature is not enabled by default.

Add media info to the video database for use in share view

Default: Off

When this option is enabled, MediaPortal will scan all movie files for audio and video codec information in the background without user intervention when opening a Shares view. This function requires a supported skin, and is necessary in order to show duration for the video file in list view automatically. If this setting is unchecked, video duration will only be updated for a movie once it's played or the user selects Update Media info from the context menu.

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Wed, 29 Jan 2014




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