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Shares View allows you to browse your shares (i.e. the folders you selected in [ Quick Setup|1 Quick Setup#Configuration]) to select and play different media files, much like Windows Explorer. It is designed for quick and easy access to all your media.

During Installation, MediaPortal selects the standard Windows default folders for My Music, My Pictures and My Videos. However, you may easily change these in MediaPortal configuration. See Quick Setup

Only video files with extensions specified in Video Extensions will be displayed. Watched status is displayed on top of the cover image.

Pressing or Play on your remote when a folder is selected plays all videos in the selected folder.

To get many more options and features, you may scan your disk drives for media files and automatically index them in a database, for music and videos in particular. Then you may unlock the power of Database Views.

Media information icons are displayed after scanning the movie for IMDb information.

Why do you call them Shares?

Shares, or network shares, can refer to any network resource, not only local folders and files. It includes information on a local area network, such as server files, shared folders and files, or files and folders on a client PC connected to the TV-Server. It also includes network drives or file servers you may have connected to your network or LAN, as well as remote FTP shares. So the term is much more global than files and folders, and reflects the global architecture supported by MediaPortal.



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