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This section is only visible in expert mode.

Here you can specify, by file extension, what files you want MediaPortal to show in the Videos folders.

You may also select or change these settings within the MediaPortal interface, see Videos File Extensions.

Video Extensions Settings



Type the name of the file extension you wish to add in the Add box and then press the Add button.


Removes the selected extension from the list.


Resets the list of extensions to the default list

Default Video Extensions

  • .3gp

    - Videos recorded on mobile phones

  • .avi

    - Audio Video Interleave

  • .bdvm

    - Blu-ray Disc Movie

  • .dat
  • .dvr-ms

    - Microsoft Digital Video Recording. Microsoft has indicated that DVR-MS is being replaced with the WTV format.

  • .flv

    - Flash Video, many videos downloaded by Online Videos plugin

  • .ifo
  • .m2ts

    - Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video MPEG-2 Transport Stream

  • .m4v

    - It's a bit like MPEG4, but developed by Apple

  • .mkv

    - Matroska Multimedia Container. LAV Filters that installes with MediaPortal enables playback of Matroska video files.

  • .mov
  • .mp4
  • .mpeg
  • .mpg
  • .mts
  • .ogm

    - OGM is no longer supported or developed and is formally discouraged by

  • .ogv

    - Theora is a free lossy video compression format

  • .qt
  • .rm
  • .sbe
  • .ts

    - Transport Stream. MediaPortal saves all recorded TV files in transport stream.

  • .wmv
  • .wtv

    - Windows Recorded TV Show, used for storing TV content recorded by Windows Media Center

    If you upgrade MediaPortal, extensions will not be updated in order to preserve any modifications you may have made. You must press the Default button to add new extensions.



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