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This page will show you how to scan and organise all the Freeview HD channels using your DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Tuner

Check DVB-T tuners have been detected by tv-server

You should see Type = DVB-T , these are our Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial Tuners

Check they are enabled with a tick

Scan channels

Select one of the DVB-T tuners on the left hand select

Enter your country + region, then click scan for channels

Scanning can take several minutes and the screen will be unresponsive during the scan

Map channels onto all tuners

If you have more than one DVB-T tuner, then the channels you scanned will only be mapped to the card you scanned with.

You need to select the other DVB-T tuner cards (box at the top of the screen) and map the channels to all of the other cards

Create a favourites group

You probably don't want to have all of the Freeview HD channels in your guide so create a favourites group

Select the channels you want in the group with CTRL+Click, Then right click and choose Add to group

Organising your channels

Here you can change the channel number for each channel as well as the order they will appear in the tv guide


You are now finished and you can close tv-server configuration and watch all your Freeview HD channels in mediaportal

There are two more steps in completing setup

1. Setting up the EPG

2. Adding TV Logos



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