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So, you have your basic setup working. Congratulations!  If not, see Quick Setup for basic configuration.

Now, let's get on to the real fun!

MediaPortal is designed to be customized to your needs and preferences. Almost every aspect may be customized. The pages in this section will help you learn how.

Or, you can Contribute your own customizations, in some cases even if you are not a developer.


Most customization can be done in MediaPortal Configuration which in many cases provides some very advanced tweaking options.

If you installed MediaPortal with the TV option, TV and Radio configuration can be customized using the separate TV-Server Configuration tool

The MediaPortal Configuration application is divided into a number of sections or 'pages', all relating to a different part of MediaPortal. Not all of these sections will necessarily apply to every user or need to be configured immediately.

All settings can be changed at any time after installation so it is not necessary to configure each section initially.

Settings (within MP)

Sometimes you would like to change settings or options while you are in MediaPortal. Well you can! Not the more complex options which require extensive configuration or require you to restart MediaPortal, but the most common settings within MediaPortal itself can be changed using the Settings feature which is accessible from either the Home or Plugins screen, whichever you choose for the Settings Plugin  in Configuration > Plugins.



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