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In MediaPortal, features are technically plugins, so they all appear in Configuraton > Plugins

However, different plugins can be configured in different ways.

For further information on the different types of plugins in MediaPortal, see Reference > Plugins

Customize which Features display and where

  1. Go to MediaPortal Configuration (via Desktop or Start Menu Shortcut)
  2. Browse to the Plugins section
  3. Under Windows Plugins, highlight the feature plugin (such as Video, Music, etc) and press the Disable/Enable toggle button at the bottom

  • To Enable/Disable a Feature
    Press the Disable/Enable toggle button at the bottom
  • To Display a Feature on either the Home or Plugins Window
    You may choose to display any feature, or any other plugin, on the Home Window or the Plugins Window: 

Configure Features

Features  have separate sections in Configuration for customizing feature settings.

See also TV-Server for TV-Server and Radio configuraton.



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