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Although there are no configuration settings in MediaPortal for Wikipedia, it is possible to edit the configuration file: wikipedia.xml which is stored in your program data folder.

Customize Languages and Sites

Change the Order of Languages

The file starts with a section where all available sites are listed. You can change the order of the languages here (how they appear in the language selection control).

<section name="Allsites">
  <entry name="sitenames">English,German,French,Dutch,Norwegian,Swedish,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Danish,Polish,Czech,Hungarian</entry>

Add New Sites

To add a new language site:

  1. Append the name of the new language to the list. 
  2. Add a new section like the following: 

    <section name="Your language">
    <entry name="url">URL to your local Export page</entry>
    <entry name="imagepattern">Term used in image URLs</entry>
    <entry name="imageurl">URL to image pages</entry>
    <entry name="string">The string ID of your new language (see below)</entry>
  3. Add a new language string to your MediaPortal language file. Strings 2600 and up are used for language translations.



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