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Freeview and Sky Radio Stations

Freeview and Sky radio logos can be automatically added and updated using the LogoManager plugin, available through MediaPortal Extension Manager and from here.

Christchurch Radio Stations

98x77 resolution.

Contains logos for 91ZM, Mai FM, More FM, RDU, The Edge, The Rock

Double click "install logos.bat" to install the logos to the correct MP directory

Radio Logos - Christchurch, NZ

Where do I put radio Logos?

Click Start -> All Programs -> Team Mediaportal -> Mediaportal -> User Files

Logos go in the *..\Thumbs\Radio* subdirectory

Images should be .png extension and have the same filename as the radio channel name in tv server setup

Adminstrator Account

Win XP - C:\Documents and Setting\All Users\Application Data\Team Mediaportal\Mediaportal\Thumbs\TV\Logos

Vista / Win 7 - C:\Program Data\Team Mediaportal\Mediaportal\Thumbs\TV\Logos

User Account

Win XP - C:\Documents and Setting%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Team Mediaportal\Mediaportal\Thumbs\TV\Logos

Vista / Win 7 - C:\Users%user%\AppData\Local\Team Mediaportal\Mediaportal\Thumbs\TV\Logos



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