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Microsoft Media Center Services

When enabled Microsoft Media Center will use the 'green' button on your remote to start Microsoft Media Center.

To avoid this, disable Microsoft Media Center Services in Configuration > Additional 3rd Party Checks.

This option change the Windows policy setting in order to prevent (or allow) MCE services to be started automatically, manually or by third party applications, thus avoiding conflicts with Mediaportal (Tuner card conflicts/locking).

After you enable MCE in this panel, you have to manually start MCE services, and stop TV Server service. To use Mediaportal, you have to manually stop MCE services, disable them and start TV Server service.

MP Tray  

Related Extensions

InfraRed Server Suite (IRSS) includes:

  • both of which can be used to map functions to the Green button on your remote.

To Start MediaPortal using the 'Green' (Media Center) Button on your Remote:


  1. Go to Configuration -> Additional 3rd Party Checks
  2. Check the button "Autostart MPtray to launch MediaPortal with the MediaCenter Button"  (i.e. the green button)

It is under 3rd Party Checks since you must first disable any Microsoft Media Center Services if enabled.

Note: If you have already disabled Microsoft Media Center Services, or do not have a version of Windows that supports them, then the button to disable them will not display. Instead a Status message will display indicating the services are not installed



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