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This page shows a few important check and fixes for the MediaPortal TvServer:

Microsoft Media Center Services

Windows editions with Microsoft Windows Media Center (XP MCE, Windows Vista, Windows 7) have some services enabled that can interfere with MediaPortal (e.g. remote handling for MCE remote). You can disable these services with this button if you want to use MediaPortal instead and reenable them again later.

This option changes the Windows policy setting in order to prevent (or allow) MCE services to be started automatically, manually or by third party applications, thus avoiding conflicts with MediaPortal (Tuner card conflicts/locking).

After you enable MCE in this panel, you have to manually start MCE services, and stop TV-Server service. To use MediaPortal, you have to manually stop MCE services, disable them and start TV-Server service.

Microsoft DVB hotfix

This is only important for Windows XP.

WindowsXP contains several bugs which will cause major showstopper issues when using MediaPortal with a dvb or atsc card (crashes, tuning errors, etc.).

Windows XP MediaCenter Edition RU2 is not effected from these issues, because Microsoft fixed them in the Roll Up 2.
Thats where the files from this patch are coming from. Windows Vista and Windows 7 also do not need this fix.

See this forum thread for more information on where to get the dvb hotfix and how to install:

Streaming port

Shows the streaming port that is used for streaming the tv signal over the network and checks if the port is available or used by another service.




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    Added a bit of explanation about MCE enable/disable
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