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If you start a 3D movie this plugin will recognize it and switch the MediaPortal GUI into a 3D capable mode. Additionally your TV is - if supported - automatically switched into 3D mode. At the end of the movie TV and GUI are automatically switched back to 2D mode. No more fumbling with additional remotes, that's the goal of this plugin.


Forum thread (as it is still not in the MP plugin site):



This plugin has 6 primary goals:

  1. At the start of a 3D Video, the MediaPortal GUI is switched into a special 3D-Mode. All menus and screens remain readable. No more not seeing the progress indicator while doing fast forward in a 3D Video. This works independent from any skin hacks with every existing MediaPortal skin.
  2. If you are an owner of a supported TV or Beamer, Auto3D will also switch your TV or Beamer into the 3D mode without any user interaction. If the film stops, the TV is switched back to 2D mode. Support for Philips, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG TVs and *Epson *Beamers is integrated, but not testet with all models.
  3. Convert a 3D movie on the fly into 2D mode. This enables you to watch a 3D movie on a 2D TV.
  4. MediaPortal is not able to show 3D wide screen movies with Top and Bottom format correct. The plugin fixes this problem and many more.
  5. Subtitles are converted into 3D while you are watching a movie. You don't need any 3D subtitle generators anymore. The depth (=distance from screen) of the subtitles is adjustable.
  6. EventGhost is supported. Every mode switch between the various 2D and 3D formats will generate an Event in EventGhost.


Side by Side (SBS) format including 3D safe progress indicators


Top and Bottom (TAB) format including correctly shown progress indicators



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