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This plugin presents BBC Weather forecast data in a format similar to the BBC Weather website. There are currently four forecasts available, the 5 day forecast (default), the 24 hour forecast, monthly outlook and forecast maps. Current observations are shown on all 4 screens. 


All images have been re-created to mimic the BBC's (theirs are copyright and of too small a resolution anyway), I'm not a graphics designer so the included images are not up to the same standard as the BBC's but I'll aim to improve them over time - or please shout up if you are good with graphics and are willing to help.


The configuration is as simple as the BBC Weather website, enter a UK postcode or town and select from the possible locations returned. You can select mph/kph and degC/degF units and optionally override InfoService properties to display BBC data where InfoService data is used (e.g. weather summary on the home screen.


The plugin only displays a single UK location, the plugin will be developed over time to allow multiple locations supported.


Future features to be added are:

  • Configurable units   DONE
  • Multiple locations
  • Drill down on the 5 day forecast
  • Animated map view   DONE
  • Launch BBC Weather video forecast (local and UK)


The plugin makes use of the same BBC APIs and web links used to build the localised BBC weather websites so what you see in MediaPortal should match exactly what is displayed on the web.


First you need to enable and configure the plugin, enter a town, city, UK county or UK postcode and click the Lookup button.

A list of results will be displayed, or a warning message returned if no matches were found. Simply select the required location, units and if required select the Override InfoService then click the Save button.



And that's it, then launch MediaPortal and select the BBC Weather plugin.



You will be presented initially with the 5 day forecast for your location, you can then use the relevant buttons to view the 24 hour forecast and monthly outlook.


5 day forecast


24 hour forecast


Monthly outlook


Forecast Map


The plugin is available from the plugin downloads section as an MPE installer.



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